News Update

We are excited to announce our new product brand name and image: the Analytic Reporting Tool by IT Sapiens will now be know as Sapiens.BI! With this change, our intention is to more accurately display our Business Intelligence solution and what we offer as a team to SugarOutfitters customers and beyond.

SapiensBI new branding

Important changes for current users to note:

  • Starting in upcoming version 3.0.1+, Analytic Reporting will be found under a new CRM menu titled Sapiens.BI (previously it was called Analytic Reporting)
  • Upcoming versions will include a new 'Help' link that directs to page with video tutorials, user guide, and contact details for easy reference

Sapiens.BI new menu and help feature

Sapiens.BI PRO Video Overview

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Sapiens.BI helps you produce effective reports with charts in a fast and easy way. It is a SuiteCRM BI add-on with powerful reporting capabilities, ease of use, elegant design, quick setup, and it comes with over one hundred prebuilt reports. This reporting tool is for anyone – no need for technical knowledge or SQL.

Check out Sapiens.BI PRO: Check out Sapiens.BI Basic: