Highlevel Overview

Accessing SugarCRM APIs for developers, integrators and QA engineers was never easy. There are Postman Clients and IDE REST Clients, but they have very limited information and are not much help.

With the SugarCRM API Interface by Seven Tunes Labs, get access to helpful SugarCRM APIs and detailed documentation served right in your browser using Swagger UI. Interact, try, share, and integrate easily without having to dig for information from the Postman website or search through online tutorials. Save time by using a helpful Sugar API resource, right when you need it.

Key Features

The UI

The SugarCRM API Interface add-on will provide you with a Browser API Interface (using Swagger) for all SugarCRM APIs, including the custom APIs that you have built! SugarCRM API Interface animation

Detailed Help

Detailed API documentation is provided for every method so that you don't have to guess how the APIs work.

Example payloads for most REST APIs

Supports all REST API versions and you have the feature to hide/restrict certain APIs in the Admin menu.

Module Level APIs

Supports Module specific API so that you can only browser the APIs that you need - Useful for sharing it with other developers.

Watch Demo Video

To learn more about this solution, go to SugarCRM API Interface or search for "API."