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Reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction by empowering customers to get online support, get their complaints addressed & access up-to-date transaction history.

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Save Countless Support Hours by Deploying A Self Service Customer Portal with Minimal Investment

SugarPort - SugarCRM Customer Portal for Joomla is a SugarCRM based portal solution for Joomla that not only gives your customers an alternative way to get fast and hassle-free support but also save valuable support hours. And the best part is that you can deploy this portal solution with minimal investment as it integrates and leverages your existing CMS and CRM systems. Which means no headache of organization wide system restructuring or expensive manpower training.

At AppJetty we have achieved this by integrating one of the most popular and robust CMS frameworks, Joomla with the world’s most popular CRM for SMEs, SugarCRM. So our portal solution leverages the popularity and in-built frontend functionalities of Joomla and combines it with the flexibility and robustness of SugarCRM to give you a world class customer portal that is functional, secure, scalable and customizable.

Why Opt for SugarCRM-Joomla Customer Portal

  • Allow customers to access all their relevant data. For example past service requests placed or documents uploaded.
  • Since our portal will be connected with CRM system you can provide better customer experience by following up all open cases and support requests to their logical conclusion.
  • Customers can also add their comments on all the open cases and provide their feedback on the resolution process.
  • As the customers place their own request, there are less chances of ambiguity and miscommunication.
  • Customers can update account details on their own including sharing and updating docs.

Why is Our Portal Solution The Right Choice for You?

  • Our portal solution integrates Joomla with SugarCRM. So you don’t have to invest in additional software or infrastructure or training.
  • Our portal solution is also customizable. Depending on your industry and your unique customer requirements we can customize the portal modules and make it work for your business.

Key Product Features

Set Accessible Modules for Customers

Customer Portal provides an easy way to make different modules of SugarCRM accessible to Joomla users resulting in a portal from where your Customers can engage with you. Decide access of which module should be provided to which user by assigning them to a Joomla User Group.

Set Joomla Login Credentials

Username and password fields are created in contacts module on Installation and are added to the record view. You can also set Username and Password field in record view or create view by your own to set these fields in Record layout.

Configure Module Layouts

Set Portal Layouts for each accessible module. Customer Portal plug-in provides facility to set Portal Layouts for each module in SugarCRM. You can set Layouts for List, Edit, & Detail view from SugarCRM and the same will be displayed in the Portal.

Customize Your Portal

Give your portal a name, upload a Logo, set records to be displayed on a page and set display options like theme color and color for calendar modules. Choose standalone page template with custom design or set full width page template with theme header and footer.

Secure Sign-in

Safe and secure Portal Login for Customers. A new user can directly sign-up from the Portal. The credentials will be verified to check whether any customer has been registered with same username and email address. If any such user does not exist in the system then a user will be created SugarCRM Contacts module.

Attractive Dashboard with icons

Customers will get an attractive dashboard with all enabled modules for quick accessibility.

Customers will be displayed only those modules which are assigned to them by the administrator. Accessibility to different modules for different user groups can be set from the SugarCRM backend. Joomla admin can set modules displaying recently added records and allow portal users to view them in their dashboard.

Manage CRM records from Portal

Customers can add, update or delete records from the portal which will automatically reflect in SugarCRM. They can easily access all the portal modules in one go with a single pane display on the left. An easy to use interface will help users to add records into the CRM or to display records added from the CRM.

Calendar View for daily activities

Customers can view all their meetings and calls scheduled for the day, week or the whole month in calendar view. This will help them view all their important activities at one place.

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