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Sugar Integrate for Xpressdocs automates your marketing capabilities by enabling the integration of Lead and Contact data from Sugar with Xpressdocs's on-demand direct mail service. Xpressdocs direct marketing solution provides companies with an efficient way to produce integrated marketing campaigns combined with CRM data which includes print, email, mobile, and social media.

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Sugar Integrate for Xpressdocs enables the transfer of Lead and Contact data from SugarCRM to Xpressdocs to print and mail personalized documents or cards for your business. The result of the print or send job is reported as a Note related to the Lead or Contact in SugarCRM. With SugarBPM, this result can also trigger automated actions to inform the Lead or Contact owner of any errors that occur and the option to remediate them.

Key Integration Features​

  • Automatic transfer of Lead and Contact data to the print and send service of Xpressdocs
  • Print and send service results from Xpressdocs are returned as a Note on the Lead or Contact in SugarCRM
  • Generation of PDF files for proof of mail or test mail is supported​


  • Enables direct print and send service from SugarCRM​
  • All print and send actions are documented as the result in the Note​ of the Contact or Lead in SugarCRM
  • Transfer of JSON, XML or CSV files is not needed​
  • The solution enables follow up workflows when letters are sent or not sent


Capabilities ​

  • Leads and Contacts
    Allows for the processing of direct mail sends to Leads or Contacts within Sugar Sell, Serve, or Enterprise. It also supports Sugar Market when integrated with Sell or Enterprise, allowing for the use of direct mail as part of campaigns executed from Sugar Market.​
  • Send one or thousands of pieces of mail at a time.
    The integration will allow Sugar Leads and Contacts to be flagged for direct mail on an individual basis by a simple checkbox on the Sugar record. A user can elect to send a single mail at a time while also scaling to thousands of mailings a day.​
  • Pull name, mailing information, and more from Sugar
    By default, the integration will use the full name, company name, and primary mailing address for Lead or Contact stored within Sugar. This mapping can be reconfigured or extended to include custom information in the Xpressdocs submission.
  • Supports multiple mail designs​
    Xpressdocs allows you to create multiple card or letter templates to be used for direct mail. The integration allows for mail designs to be configured as a dropdown list that a user can view and select the appropriate mail design for each submission.​
  • Track submission status to Xpressdocs and update errors from within Sugar​
    When a submission is processed, the status information is stored as a Note on the related Sugar Lead or Contact. With the help of SugarBPM the Lead or Contact owner can correct the problem and resubmit to Xpressdocs.​
  • Test designs before sending​
    Can optionally generate a PDF proof of a mailing for any Lead or Contact that can be reviewed before any real mail is sent.​

Integration Pre-requisites​

  • License to access the Sugar Xpressdocs instance (for full API access)​
  • Sugar Sell & above or Sugar Enterprise 11.0​
  • Sugar’s Xpressdocs installable package – adding custom Sugar fields ​


  • The integration to Xpressdocs uses one Xpressdocs user owned by Sugar​
  • To transfer the data and trigger the print jobs the Automated Direct Mail API of Xpressdocs is used
  • Xpressdocs offers different payment plans, the selected plan must include the Automated Direct Mail API
  • Xpressdocs direct mail fulfillment only available within the United States of America

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