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Collaborate and coordinate more effectively on opportunities, customer projects, and account health using the Slack integration for Sugar by Faye. Sugar Users can communicate with team members and organize conversations in real time over Slack.

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Slack connects you with the people and tools you work with every day so you can easily collaborate with your team.

The Slack Integration for Sugar allows Sugar Users to communicate with team members and organize conversations by topics, projects, and more, in real-time between Slack and Sugar, increasing team collaboration, and productivity, and streamlining searches across platforms.

Key Features

  • Record finder: Want to see information about a Sugar record directly in Slack? Just use the /sugar command and enter your search term to see a list of all matching Sugar records and all relevant info about them. You can also share these results directly in a Slack conversation.

  • Modification/update alerts: If you’re the assigned user for a Sugar record, Faye’s Sugar-Slack integration lets you customize for which changes you’d like to receive Slack notifications, so you’ll never again miss an important update. Slack notifications can be set up for customized modules or with other Sugar integrations as well.

  • 'Add To Slack' button: The ‘Add to Slack’ button lets you send Slack messages to your colleagues directly from Sugar while referencing the record they were sent from. Also, you can customize in which Sugar modules an ‘Add to Slack’ button will appear.

Key Benefits

  • Increase Sugar adoption in organizations using Slack as a standard collaboration and notification tool
  • Easy collaboration and coordination on sales opportunities, customer projects, and account health

Requirements & Limitations

  • Compatible with Sugar Enterprise 12.0.0, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve
  • Only supports public Slack channels
  • Does not support sandbox Sugar instances, needs to be used with production Sugar instances only
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