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Send and track your contracts with RT DocuSign! Enhance your customer management process, by closing deals faster with RT DocuSign. Send your contracts and have them signed by your customers from any browser, or on any mobile device, within minutes.

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RT DocuSign is being discontinued effective 9th August 2023. Existing customers will continue to receive active support until 9th February 2024.

The plugin will remain available for purchase, but as an as-is, one-time payment solution, and its use will be at the customer's own discretion. The plugin is compatible with SugarCRM 13.0.0 as of its last release.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but to maintain the quality of our products and services, we deem this is a necessary step. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact to talk to our representatives.

DocuSign and SugarCRM Integration

Relieve yourself of the hassle of physically sending contracts for signature with RT DocuSign. With this SugarCRM plugin, you can upload and send documents and PDF templates from your Sugar instance to your customers for signature. Additionally, you can track status changes of your documents throughout the signature process.

Close Business Deals Faster

Quickly send documents to your customers from within SugarCRM, and they can sign them using their DocuSign account from anywhere, including their mobile devices, within minutes. Documents can be sent from Accounts, Contacts, and Leads modules.

Track Document Status in SugarCRM

Users can observe the status of sent documents in the dedicated RT DocuSign module. Each document sent out for signature can have one of six statuses: created, sent, delivered, signed, voided, or completed. For details, please see the FAQs on the website.

Send PDF Templates

Users can create PDF templates for customized documents that can also be sent through RT DocuSign for digital signatures. The PDF Template module is used to create the document using placeholders for different values such as Name and Address. When the document is sent- either to an Account, Contact, or Lead- the placeholder is replaced by their specific data.

Easy Management

Each signed document is synced to SugarCRM and is stored with the appropriate module through which it was sent. This keeps everything nicely organized so users can access any document easily when needed.

RT DocuSign Documents

For a complete guide on how to install and use RT DocuSign, please refer to the documentation. You can also find more information on the RT DocuSign website.

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