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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4614 Urgent: DocuSign Integration SugarCRM - Hi, I have purchased the DocuSign plugin from sugaroutfitters. I have installed DocuSign plugi webapps1 Open Installation
#4588 DocuSign - The "use template" function displays blank with no available templates even though I have some avail billiewilson Open Bug?
#4584 Update for version 11.1 - Is there an update for version 11.1? Malarkey Roofing Admin Open Bug?
#4408 Multiple users and branding options for one CRM! - Dear Sirs, We are looking at DocuSign add-on for SuiteCRM that can support multiple users and br it12 Open General Question
#4273 SugarCRM 9.2.0 compatibility issue - We have installed RT Docusign plugin (RT_DocuSign_Sugar9_v1.0.7) in SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 9.2 AmbitSales Closed Bug?
#4272 Sugar CRM docusign , auto complete not working - Hello we are not able to do autocomplete as we have a docusign pluging in sugar that is not workin itdept Closed Bug?
#4206 Missing Dropdown Options to Send documents - Hello, After installing, and configuring there are no dropdown options present. This applies to A Malarkey Roofing Admin Closed Bug?
#3930 Errors at Install - I installed the plugin into a vanilla ondemand install v 8.2. Following the Welcome to RT Docusign adrian Closed Installation
#3700 Error message at installation - If I configure RT DocuSign and fill in all fields, I get the error message: One or more missing conf michaelruzek Closed Installation
#3651 Keeps asking for - It keeps asking me to enter in the docusign settings, everything tests working but the second I go t cmagee Closed Bug?
#3499 never loads document to send to Docusign - I have SugarCRM Enterprise version and have installed a trial of RT Docusign. When I try to joey3 Closed General Question
#3391 People I can send documents to - The documentation says I can send docs to Accounts, Contact, Opportunities and Leads. Is it possibl pjakob Closed General Question
#3319 Compatability with SuiteCRM - Hi we want to evaluate your prodcut, but I have installation questions: 1) Is it compatible with Su omolist Open Installation
#3109 Installation wipes out views - The installation of the package wipes out the views thus resetting them to the default. cjones1 Closed Bug?
#3035 Issue with RTdocusign - Hi There, I am trialing Rtdocusign and receiving this warning: Warring : RT DocuSign Scheduler Dbvisit Software Limited Closed Installation
#2871 Latest version of Sugar On Demand - Hi, We have just signed with SugarCRM and would like to integrate a signature system with SugarCRM fygheise Closed General Question
#2276 cannot find the scheduler "DocuSign Sweeper" - Hi there, I have just installed Docusign in a 7.6 Enterprise Sugar version (also tried 7.7 Enterp Squiz Sugar Plugins Closed Installation
#2275 Does it work with Enterprise versions of Sugar? - Hi there, In the compatibility documentation, it only mentions professional version so I wanted t Squiz Sugar Plugins Closed General Question
#2032 SuiteCRM version 7.3.1 or Sugar Version 6.5.20 Build - Will RT DocuSign work on Sugar Version 6.5.x madeinusa Closed Installation
#1999 Errors - I get the following errror when trying to send pdf to DocuSign "Send PDF To DocuSign”: PHP Notice bjorn Closed Bug?
#1990 Is it Possible to use RT Docusign with sugarcrm 6.* comminuty Edition? - Is it Possible to use RT Docusign with sugarcrm 6.* comminuty Edition? brokeragent360 Closed General Question