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Intentional and customer-oriented communication does not have to be time-consuming and expensive! The pro.sugar Blox plug-in developed by provalida offers you more efficiency in written communication starting from your SugarCRM. Write and pre-define text blocks according to your company’s communication standards and integrate them into emails and PDF documents with just a few clicks.

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Message templates for all your SugarCRM needs

Tired of typing the same lines over and over again? Save time from writing repetitive messages with the pvBlox add-on. Now you can easily create multi-language text templates with HTML and inline images to use for SugarCRM emails, text fields, cases, notes, etc.

Easy to use

Use pvBlox to help you and your team write case responses as quickly as possible, create quotes with just a few clicks, print text as a PDF document, or simply send out emails faster than ever.

Inserting pvBlox into an email in SugarCRM

Every text you need

Whether you are working on an email, a description, a KB entry, a case response, or any other text field in SugarCRM, pvBlox helps save you time by providing all the standard text templates you need, available to use on your current SugarCRM module.

pvBlox Dashlet View in SugarCRM

International & accessible

Quickly access exactly the template you need. Filtering and searching of the templates is done in real time. No waiting or loading guaranteed!

pvBlox Dashlet Search in SugarCRM

Easy to configure

No need for file changes, simple creation and administration of textblocks like any other modern SugarCRM module.

Managing pvBlox in record view of SugarCRM

Self Hosted and On Demand

Works great on any hosting service including Sugar's On Demand.
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