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Your Sugar Workflow Solution! Powerful Process Automation software for all editions of SugarCRM and SuiteCRM (Visit that will allow you and your employees to spend more time doing what they do best: 'Selling To and Servicing Your Customers' and less time trying to manage the day to day repetitive tasks associated with managing your customers.

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Process Manager is the only SugarCRM Recommended Workflow Replacement for Sugar's Legacy Workflow.

  • Do you need a replacement workflow for all your Legacy Workflows in Sugar Professional?
  • Do you need all the functionality and more that Sugar Legacy Workflow offered?
  • Are you automatically sending an email to your customers on their birthday?
  • Do your employees know when Sales Opportunities are at risk of being lost?
  • Does your Support Staff know when a valued account has opened a new Case?
  • Are you using Process Automation to manage the day to day operations of your company?

Keep your customers happy, your employees happy, and most importantly, you happy by utilizing Process Automation in Sugar.

Process Manager features include:

  • Automatically convert all your Legacy Workflow to Processes in Process Manager with the new Conversion Tool
  • Send Emails to any email address stored in Sugar or fixed email addresses
  • Update Related Records from Related Records
  • Query any data anytime and do something with that data such as create reminders, send emails, schedule call and tasks
  • Extensive filtering capability using AND / OR and grouping of Filters
  • Cancel a running Process
  • And many more - check out the complete product information at SierraCRM

And the most important feature - the low cost will make your decision that much easier.

What about my already set up workflows?

Glad you asked! This new release of Process Manager includes the new Legacy Conversion Tool. Get started now with Process Manager 4.5 try Process Manager out.

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Process Manager has allowed our firm to put ‘Sugar on Steroids’. It’s functionally has empowered us to strengthen our customer relationships, reduce costs and drive sales. Great product we’d recommend to anyone.

Daren Jackson - Rapid Financial Services

SierraCRM’s Process Manager 4.5 enables us to do what we do best, service and support our Life Insurance Brokers and not running the day to day operation of the business. The new drag and drop user interface enables us to view the entire workflow in one page and the administration features helps us to better control our business processes. Expanded email functionality permits us to better define when and who receives communications from our company. Process Manager is a must have for any implementation of Sugar.

Reid Tattersall – Back 9 Insurance

SierraCRM’s Process Manager Pro has helped decrease work load while increasing productivity. Since implementation we have been able to automate many manual processes that used to take a team several hours to complete. Now it is a matter of seconds.

Craig Broton, CEO – Sunflower Business Solutions

No other product I looked at had the flexibility and feature set of Process Manager. It is doing exactly what I want. A great product, with a dedicated team behind it.

Richard Cantin, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2012

We are closing more deals. With this efficient, automated workflow, we get moving quickly on new lead when it comes in via our website. As a result new business is up 15%.

Eric Seidel, Web-Est

Feature Rich Workflow Manager - Your Sugar Workflow Solution!

A simple to use, simple to install, simply powerful workflow add-on for Sugar.

  • Automate the sending of emails upon Lead create. Case Create, Sales Closures, and schedule follow-up calls.
  • Convert leads to accounts and contacts upon defined modifications of a lead. Transfer all the history and notes from the Lead to the Contacts
  • Assign records to an individual or group or round robin.
  • Escalate a case based on Service Level Agreements.
  • Update related records from a related record - ie: Transfer information from an account related to an Opportunity to the Contacts related to the Opportunity.
  • Call REST Services and pass the returned data to custom scripts.
  • Create a series of tasks or calls that are created when the previous call or task is completed.
  • Support for Custom Modules and Fields.
  • Runs your own custom PHP scripts.

Automating your companies business processes allow employees to focus on selling and servicing customers in their most effective manner, utilizing their companies' best practices.

Unlimited Uses

Schedule Calls, Tasks and Meetings over time. Run drip email campaigns all year long. Send a Happy Birthday Email to your contacts on their birthday. Capture at risk sales, escalate your cases or calls, convert leads based on your best business practices, create records and assign records, and so much more.

Sugar Process Manager Features

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There's Plenty That You Can Do!

Create easy–to-complex business processes that are triggered to run at anytime.

For example, automate sending an email and schedule tasks when new sales leads is created. Alert Sugar users when their participation is required in the closure of a sale or the support of your products.

Even more complex business processes can be modeled in Process Manager such as setting up a year long drip email campaign where Sugar sends an email to a contact or account monthly along with scheduling calls or tasks each month for follow-up communication to your customers.

Every company has 100’s of business processes. With Process Manager’s easy to build drag and drop wizard like interface, multi stage processes can be built in no time and deployed to Sugar. Unleash the power of Sugar with PM and make sure your Sugar will know what to do and when to do it.

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Backed by our Tried & Tested, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • "Hands down great workflow product. If you do anything comlex inside of your CRM platform, this product is a NO BRAINER. Great product, great company, great service...stop looking at this product. Just buy it You won't be let down."

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