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Enhance your team's productivity with seamless integration between SugarCRM and Microsoft Teams, ensuring a smooth experience for all meetings and appointments.

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This add-on allows users to synchronize their calendar appointments between SugarCRM and Microsoft Teams. It will generate a unique Microsoft Teams meeting link when you set up meetings through SugarCRM.


It additionally notifies users on Microsoft Teams when a meeting is scheduled.

Microsoft Teams chat

With the Microsoft Teams Chat Integration for Scheduled Meetings, you can now maximize productivity and collaboration by receiving instant notifications including attendees, essential alerts, meeting invitations, sharing agendas, and cooperating seamlessly with all meeting participants. Users can access meeting details directly within the chat interface.

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With chat integration, users remain updated related to scheduled meetings. This ensures that team members stay informed and respond promptly to any modifications or new developments.

Microsoft Teams Calendar

With the Appointment add-on, users can create appointments in SugarCRM and have them automatically added to their Microsoft Teams calendar. The link generated is saved with the meeting record and can be accessed from the calendar. This real-time synchronization ensures that all appointments are up-to-date and accessible from both platforms.

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This integration enables real-time updates between Microsoft Teams calendar and SugarCRM. When a meeting is scheduled, modified, or canceled in either system, the changes are instantly reflected in the other, ensuring all users have the most up-to-date information.

By leveraging Microsoft Teams' desktop notification capabilities, users receive timely reminders and alerts about scheduled meetings, helping them stay on top of their commitments.