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Sponsoring the Atlanta SugarCRM Meetup

Posted by on July 30, 2013

We are proud to help sponsor the Atlanta SugarCRM Meetup on August 1st. Organized in part by the great team at Atcore Systems, this meet-up will be about enhancing SugarCRM with add-ons. This topic is near and dear to us as we deeply believe in the "Best-of-Breed" approach to business applications. If you haven't already, check out the recent "What a diversified ecosystem means to you as a customer" post. Using this approach helps you to be nimble and agile while avoiding single-vendor lock-in. Best of all, it'll let you use the best of the best to more effectively support and sell to your customers

From the meetup page:

Mix and mingle with other SugarCRM users in the Atlanta area to discuss the ins and outs of enhancing your SugarCRM experience with add-ons available from third party vendors.

SugarCRM guru, Josh Sweeney, will provide benefits, best practices and use case scenarios of using add-ons to customize your SugarCRM in order to maximize the efficiency and overall capabilities of your team.


Can't make it to Atlanta on the 1st and live in the Georgia area? Look for more info on a meetup in the Athens area near the end of the month.

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