If you have ever needed to move some fields around on the Target Lists module you may have done what you normally do for changing layouts and gone to Sugar's Studio tool. It makes sense as this is where you can add new fields, connect modules to other modules, and change your layouts. But when you go there you find that Target Lists is not in the module outline.

What do you do?!

Thankfully, it's easy to add Studio support for the Target Lists module. It will require either access to your server's file system or installing a module in your Module Installer that simply copies an empty studio.php file to /modules/ProspectLists/metadata.

That's it?

That's it. SugarCRM checks for this studio.php file to see if the module supports Studio. For whatever reason this module slipped through the cracks years ago when this new studio.php check was added.

Now that you have this file in place go back to Studio and you can add new fields, change layouts, and even change your subpanel layouts.

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