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Unique ID Generator for SugarCRM is mainly used to generate a unique serial number for each record in a module. Using this functionality, you can manage your records more efficiently and provide a helpful identity for every single record. Start tracking your Quote, Opportunity, Leads, Cases, Accounts, and any other modules today!

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Auto-generate unique serial numbers for SugarCRM records

Need to set up a numbering system to track your records? Define and add a unique identifier field to any SugarCRM record? The Unique ID Generator add-on provides an easy way of generating auto sequence numbering of any SugarCRM module.

This add-on will support a wide range of options and mostly any format can be created. Choose from options such as a prefix, suffix, zero padding, starting number, etc. All formats are covered.

Key Features

  1. Set up unique numbering for All the SugarCRM module fields
  2. Saves time and increases efficiency
  3. Create more than one auto-increment field in single modules
  4. This functionality works with Advanced workflow
  5. Admin can set up and configure fields easily
  6. Generate serial number for existing records
  7. Configure field quickly without additional customization

Do you want to generate serial numbers?


Works with existing records

This add-on will update your existing records Sequence automatically once you perform the action. Admin need to click on the "Generate Sequence for Existing Records" button and the sequence will automatically apply to all the records.


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