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Create personalized MS Office or Open Office letters and documents from any Sugar module with one click. Define and create templates for any module and generate Office documents on any record and its related records. Great for mail merges and more!

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Create docs from any record

Give the capability at your end-users to generate merged document without any plug-in in three steps:

  1. First, build your template for Sugar using either Microsoft Office or Open office suite
  2. Upload this document in your document module and choose which module the template should be used with
  3. Go to a record of this module (Account, Contact, Opportunities, custom modules) and run the generation of the final document.

Sample document also provided for Quotes and Contracts. SynoGenerateDoc is not available for SugarCRM On Demand hosting platform.

Check out the User Guide for more examples of what you can do with SynoGenerateDoc.

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  • "Normal Merge Works fine on 7.1, but not the List merge (One to many fields)" - vidarlunde

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