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SugarRightSignature for SugarCRM allows you to send e-sign contracts for electronic signature with RightSignature services and track your documents anytime, anywhere within minutes.

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SugarRightSignature is the Add-on that provides the easiest, fastest,securely way to get documents signed. Get contracts, NDAs, and more signed much faster. You can get started in about 60 seconds!

How it Works

With this add-on you can upload PDF Documents and send directly from your CRM to your customers for signature. Additionally, you can also track status changes of your documents throughout the signature process such as when someone signs the document.

Send Document / PDF Templates

When sending a PDF you can select a pre-saved PDF template from your CRM and send it to any contact, account or lead.

See Status of Sent Documents

The sent document list is available in SugarRightSign. Check a certain file and click on Check file status option from drop down list. It will give you the status of your document whether it is Pending or Signed

Easy as Clicking a Link

User will receive a document by email . in email there will be a link to open document in RightSignature App to sign document. if the user sign the document then the signature process will be completed . you can check document status . if its Signed then the signed document will be saved in Notes and will be available is SugarRightSign

You can download Signed Document from Notes You can create an account for RightSignature in order to get your secure token .

Note: Secure token is needed to send document . For that you need to register on RightSignature website.

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