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Get your Sugar customized!

Rolustech is providing Sugar Customization packages for projects which are worth either 10 or 25 man hours. Depending on your requirements, we will customize your Sugar which will enable you to harness the maximum out of your CRM. Feel free to share your requirements with us. Contact us at so that we can help you chose the right customization plan.

Rolustech - Official SugarCRM Partners

We are one of the largest Sugar development teams in the world with over 10 years of experience exclusively in Sugar.

Our team has developed several custom SugarCRM products, plugins and mobile apps along with mapping unique business processes through customizations and integrations for our clients.

Following are some examples of the customizations that we have done for our clients:

Custom Widgets

The dashboard of individual users should be enhanced to give them the confidence that they are on top of things. We create efficient and innovative widgets for dashlets so users can work productivley.

custom widgets.jpg

Custom Themes

Sugar’s default out-of-the-box theme might not truly reflect your company’s image. It makes perfect sense to have a customized theme in place that is attractive and visually appealing and helps improve user adoption and helps make your employees feel more motivated and productive.

Custom Themes.jpg

Layout Customization

Layout customization.jpg

Sugar CE customization

Although SugarCE has reached its end of life, we are still here to provide SugarCE Customizations.

SugarCE customization.jpg

Please review our complete portfolio here.

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