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Excite and re-energize your organization by introducing some fun into your SugarCRM. Splash CRM Gamification by Faye boosts revenue and employee engagement by creating game-like mechanics to capture user attention, drive adoption, and increase productivity.

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Splash CRM Gamification Engine

Splash turns your CRM into an employee-motivation engine, using game-like mechanics to tap into your workforce’s hidden potential. Even the most mundane of tasks can become an opportunity to increase performance and efficiency as workers strive to climb leaderboard rankings, earn redeemable points, complete team challenges, and unlock badges.

How It Works

By incorporating game-like activities into the SugarCRM user experience, organizations now have access to a variety of tools for guiding employee behavior. Want to push sales of a new product as the quarter draws to a close? Create a sales competition, establish a prize and post-sales results to a real-time leaderboard.

Are support tickets not getting closed in a timely manner? Award points to reps who beat the average call time, redeemable for real-world prizes. Needing your team to fully embrace a new CRM? Encourage them to explore by awarding badges for mastering increasingly complex tasks.

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Complete Sugar Compatibility

Splash seamlessly integrates with SugarCRM. Users can accept challenges, view goal progress, check leaderboards, redeem rewards, and more, all from their Sugar dashboard. It also supports custom modules, workflows, and processes, allowing any SugarCRM-based activity to be gamified.

Key Benefits

  • Increase CRM user adoption through Levels, Points, Coins, and Achievements, displayed on reports and leaderboards.
  • Get your gamification program up and running quickly using a wide selection of pre-made challenges and badges.
  • Foster teamwork and friendly competition by creating team-based challenges. Import Sugar-defined teams, or create your own.
  • Built-in Hoopla integration allows announcements, competition results, and leaderboards to be shared on the live tv screen.
  • Keep employees incentivized through company-defined rewards — real or virtual.
  • Boost selling behaviors through company-defined competitions, goals, and contests.
  • Splash’s gamification system makes it easy to integrate and customize your company’s unique processes, workflows, company culture, and branding.


Compatible with all supported Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Enterprise versions.