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Enter a French Company's Siret / SIREN number and get valuable information from the most well known company data websites such as or in one click right from Sugar. Learn when the business was created, how many employees they have, activity code, and even get insight to their financials.

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Get Valuable Insight Into Your Accounts

With a French company's identification number (SIREN/SIRET) you get direct access in just one-click. Discover not only if a company is appropriately registered in France, but also see if they are a good fit for your products and services.

Access to 3 Different Databases

This add-on adds a Graphical Widget for your CRM that gives you access to three different databases.

Just add the Siret field to Accounts / Leads and BOOM, you're ready to get this smart text input that will allow only 9 or 14 digits to be entered. You will then see up to 3 clickable icons that open up a treasure trove of information from three of the most famous databases.

You want more?

  • Your input is automatically formatted, spaces and alpha characters removed (you can then copy paste directly from your favorite website).
  • The siret/siren is then automatically re-formated and displayed in the xxx xxx xxx or xxx xxx xxx yyyyy format


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Link to a company data website

Our module supports - at time of writting - directlinks to,, that three of the well most-famous websites to retrieve financial information about French companies.

Via the studio you can choose if you want the field to act as an hyperlink and choose the target website, the user will be sent to once clicking.


Multiple websites at once

If you wish to consult more than one website, simply add more relevant icons near the field by enabling them in the studio. Your field will present up to 3 icons.

Compatible SugarCRM Modules

Will work on all SugarCRM modules, even custom modules, but it will have a real utility on Accounts-type modules !

Just use the studio to define a new "siret" field inside the target module, and drop it in the edit/detail layout.

Sugar 7 compatibility

Our engineers have just released a new version compatible with SugarCRM 7.x !

Sugar OnDemand compatibility and restrictions

Our engineers have just released an OnDemand compatible version of the module ! However, please note that instead of Sugar OnSite installation, you will not be able to use Siret fields as Report filters, that should require a core modification of the Reports module, not allowed by SugarCRM.

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