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Intuitive and powerful sales pipe management for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM

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Each sales company manages a lot of opportunities or leads. It is vital that common sales processes exist for different opportunity types to ensure transparency and visibility. Continuous improvement of process by observing and measuring different sales stages boost process effectiveness and productivity. SalesPipe can help to reach these goals.

Main Functionality

  • opportunities and Leads are presented into interactive table grouped by sales process stages;
  • salesPipe can be accessed in Opportunity/Lead module as special view or in Home page as dashlet.
  • according settings, every user can see only its own SalesPipe or all users SalesPipe;
  • drag&drop opportunity to change the stage of opportunity/lead;
  • ability to use different sales processes for various type of sales;
  • sales pipe header display sale stage name, total sum and averages of all opportunities/leads;
  • context filtering in whole sales pipe from any part of opportunity/lead card;
  • draging on right side of sales pipe for win opportunity or left side in the case of lost;
  • ascending or descending ordering by amount, days in stage, days from creation;
  • attach any files related to Opportunities by special button or simple by drag&drop file on it.

sales pipe view.png

Configuration of Sales Pipe

This module enables to choose:

  • sales process stages;
  • moving from stage to stage capabilities;
  • setting amount of days per stage for alerting purposes;
  • showing total days when opportunity or lead was created;
  • showing total opportunities count;
  • skipping one or another process stage;
  • showing closed actions;
  • ordering opportunities according to days in stage, days from enter day or total amount
  • sorting opportunities ascending or descending.
  • the reason in the case opportunity lost .

configuration without clarifications.png

Opportunity/Lead cards

Every Opportunity or Lead card can display useful information for sales process management:

  • assigned user;
  • account name with active link;
  • opportunity name active link to it;
  • icons of History and Activities records that are related to this opportunity with links;
  • Red border on activity icon indicates that it is still opened, but end date is over, dark border means closed activity (History);
  • amount of Opportunity in system currency;
  • days from creation (abbreviation D);
  • days in this stage (abbreviation d);
  • opportunity card becomes red if more days are spent in particular sales stage than defined in sales process.
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