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Give your Sugar a whole new look with RT Personalize. Customize the Sugar UI and make it look the way you want. RT Personalize lets you make Sugar truly your own!

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With RT Personalize, you can customize your Sugar for a truly immersive user experience. Change the overall look of your Sugar instance with new font styles, font colors, themes, and login screens in one split second. The simplified configuration options offer a seamless transition to your new customized Sugar.

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Fonts are more than just letters on a screen; they convey meaning, moods, and so much more. We, at Rolustech, want your Sugar to emanate your personality. To make sure the fonts speak to you, we’ve added a number of new font types and font colors.


Amplify your experience on Sugar with personalized themes. RT Personalize lets you customize the theme of your Sugar. Bring your brand identity inside Sugar and make the Sugar experience truly amazing for your users.


We’ve cast the net as wide as possible with RT Personalize to ensure everyone gets a piece of this pie. Whether you’re on Sugar 8 or 7; RT Personalize will work for you. It works effortlessly with all SugarCRM versions.


RT Personalize is one of our fastest Sugar plugins when it comes to installation. Simply download the package, upload it to your Sugar, and there you go!


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