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Know everything about your website visitors even before the first interaction. Convert traffic into leads, nurture them and convert them into loyal clients. All with RT CXM!

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Website Visitor Tracking Made Easy With The All New Plugin for SugarCRM: RT CXM

RT CXM is delivered as a plugin in WordPress and Sugar. The plugin collaborates in real time and passes on all the behavioral information from your website to your Sugar interface allowing you to correspond with users, having all the knowledge you need.

Enrich Experiences. Boost Sales. Strengthen Relationships. Drive Loyalty.

It’s not just a plugin. It’s your very own Customer Experience Manager!

Following are the main features of this Sugar add-on:

Website Visitor Tracking

Whenever a user visits your WordPress website, RT CXM starts tracking the visit information like which pages are visited, how much time is spent on a page, how many times the visitor came before, the visitor's location and also his browser and device information.

Automatic Lead Creation & Data Acquisition

As soon as the user submits the ‘Contact Us’ form a new Lead is automatically created in your Sugar with all his visit history, social information and his device and geo-location. Your sales team can now make more informed decisions on how to engage the customer.

Social Information and Interests

In addition to all the tracking information RT CXM also pulls the lead’s social information and interests based on his email address and stores that information in your Sugar for better customer insight.


Real Time Chat Between Sugar and Website users

With real time chats you can start delivering right when the prospect seems interested in you. Your salesperson can start a chat with any website visitor and offer the services in order to close more deals.


Sales Insights- Suggestions and Alerts on Potential Sales

RT CXM presents suggestions and insights to Sugar users if it feels that a user is showing interest for a particular product or service on the website.

Customer Life-time Tracking

If a vistor is repeatedly visiting your website, you can engage and see whether he needs any service. And of course there is always a possibility of cross selling and up-selling.

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More about RT CXM on its website

To learn more, please visit the plugin website:

Contact Us

We provide instant support for RT CXM. You can contact us at for your queries. Visit our Official website to know more about us

Download RT CXM Documents

You can download the RT CXM User Guides and Installation Guides by opening the following links and then clicking on the download button.
* User Guide
* Intallation Guide

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