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Empower your sales team by integrating with mautic. Our plugin provides bi-directional syncing with mautic as well as a unique sales intelligence dashlet. Push only hot leads to crm and make users a part of a mautic campaign right from within sugarcrm

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SugarCRM Mautic Integration

Our SugarCRM plugin allows you to do bi-directional syncing of contacts and leads between mautic and sugarcrm. The plugin has some additional features which help you align your sales team with marketing.


Bi Directional Sync
Two-way synchronization of SugarCRM contacts and leads to contacts in Mautic. All contacts in sugarcrm are automatically pushed to mautic and are kept in sync state. Similary, all contacts in mautic that acquire a certain lead score are also pushed to SugarCRM.
![mauticToSugrCRM Sync.PNG]( "mauticToSugrCRM Sync.PNG")

Sales Intelligence
Key marketing intelligence identified by Mautic for your sales team right within SugarCRM. This allows your sales team to visualise the right information when engaging with a contact.

Duplicate Prevention
Real Time synchronization prevents the creation of duplicate records into the system. This features helps users to increase the productivity by not doing the same thing on one customer by different teams.

Push Hot Leads to your Sales Team
Our configurable Lead Scoring limit allows you to push the hotest leads to SugarCRM so your sales team can contact them when they are hot.

Mautic Campaigns in the hand of your Sales Team
When your sales guy is asked to followup the contact in 30 days. How about he can make the contact a part of a 30 day mautic campaign from within sugar?

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