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Looking for a solution to manage all your customer communications across WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Web chat, Phone, and more? Uhuu! offers a unified omnichannel communication platform tightly integrated with Sugar to consolidate your customer communications in one place. Interact with your leads, prospects, employees, or collaborators on their preferred channel all from within Sugar.

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Centralize Your Information

uHuu! is an omnichannel platform that integrates video conferencing, voice messages, video calls, VoIP call, and chat. uHuu! centralizes all your communications within one platform that's accessible from within Sugar!


uHuu! Omnichat Collaborative connects your customers and employees using chat, video calls, and voice messages in different live chat channels, Internal Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and video calls. Share quotes, PDFs, or images all from one place to improve your customer's experience in real-time and create a better communication channel.

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Channels Included:

  • WhatsApp Business
  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Apple business
  • Web chat
  • SMS
  • Phone call
  • Video Call


Highlighted Contact Details:

SugarCRM's users are able to search for the general contact information of the message sender. If there is more than one contact match in the database, the application will show a list of leads, accounts, and contacts, for the user to select and relate the chat conversation, to a specific record.


Create New Records

If the incoming chat is not related to an existing record; SugarCRM users are able to create a new Lead, Account, or Contact record inside SugarCRM database and relate the current chat to the new record from the plugin app.

Related Records:

Once a SugarCRM user has related the current conversation to a specific record, the plugin app will show a list of related records of the selected lead, Account, or Contact, such as:

  • Last 10 related calls
  • Last 10 related meetings
  • Last 10 related Notes or Chats

SugarCRM_UHUUchat_Tickets 2.png

Create New Related Records:

SugarCRM users are able to create a new call, meeting, or note record and relate it to the corresponding parent record, inside the SugarCRM database and relate the current chat to the new record from the plugin app

View Full Record Info:

SugarCRM users are able to view full record detail by clicking on the related record name from the uhuu app. This allows SugarCRM users to get a complete 360 view of the customer information and communications on a single screen.


Close and Match:

SugarCRM users can close and associate the current chat with the selected lead, account, or contact record. Chats are stored in the notes and related chats subpanel.

Escalate Chat To A Phone Call or Video Call:

SugarCRM Users can immediately escalate the current chat to a phone or video call to deliver a better communication experience. Every SugarCRM user has their own unique virtual meeting room. In that room, the user can invite internal or external people to join a web meeting video conference with all features that we know and love: web cam, screen sharing, meeting recording, etc.

Notes & Requirements

Available for all devices: computer, tablet and mobile excellent complement to Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve.




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