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Send and track your signature requests with Lampada HelloSign! This SugarCRM add-on enables you to send and track signature requests for Opportunities, Quotes, and Contracts. Have those documents quickly signed by your customers, users, and email addresses, from any browser or on any mobile device.

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Evolve your deals with HelloSign!

Improve your sales force automation with the Lampada HelloSign add-on for SugarCRM. You can upload either a PDF file or HelloSign template from your CRM to your customers, users, and email addresses for signatures. You can also conveniently track your documents’ lifecycles from inside SugarCRM.

Product Features

Assign a document template to a module

Each template is assigned to a specific module, that means, a given template is addressed to documents to be signed under either an Opportunity or a Quote, or even an Account.

Lock fields on document to be signed

Specify whether the subject and message from a template can be edited by the sender in the document to be signed.

Easy interface for mapping merged fields

Easily map custom fields from template with any field in the parent module or any field in related modules, disregarding whether the module is directly related to the parent module or not. HS_Template.png

Send signature request from a static PDF file

Users can choose any static PDF file to be signed by targets.

Validate invalid document extension

On sending a signature request from a document, users can only attach PDF files.

Validate invalid email addresses

On filling in the Targets GRID, users can not specify invalid email addresses.

Add targets from CRM

Users can choose existing recipients from Accounts, Contacts, and Users modules through a parent field in GRID. The email address is automatically populated. HS_from_Document.png

Send signature request from PDF templates

Users can choose one of the available HelloSign templates previously created and managed by HelloSign UI.

Review Merged Fields

On selecting a PDF template, the subpanel fields are automatically loaded with template's custom fields merged according to the parent record.

Map targets with template’s roles

On selecting a PDF Template, the subpanel targets are automatically loaded with template's roles so users can decide who plays each R=role. HS_from_Template.png

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