by Faye

Get straight to the point with the Sales History Dashlet, a custom dashboard that allows you to quickly access critical account sales history information you need most to propel your productivity and sales goals. With Sales History Dashlet, you set the metrics, we provide the configurable framework.

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Let the Data Serve You

Sales History Dashlet by Faye allows you to display contextual sales data in the account module to give you a better understanding of your clients.

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  • Fully customizable to your specific needs. You set the metrics, we provide the framework.
  • Improve understanding of user activities including visualization of historical, current, and forecasted sales data.
  • Allow users to track and visualize any metric that’s important to your business.

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Key Features

  • Displays sales data for any account viewed
  • Provides on-demand filtering to granulate the data
  • Ranks and compares accounts in real-time
  • Color-codes graphs for easy distinction

Requirements & Limitations

  • Sales History Dashlet is compatible with all SugarCRM-supported versions (Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, & Sugar Enterprise).

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