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Stop duplicates before they start. Keeping your data clean is a priority. Your users do not have time for long, messy processes to double check if a record already exists. Let Deduplication Preventive notify them at the time of creation. You can even prevent the record from being saved.

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Stop it. Seriously. Stop it.

No one has time cleaning up bad data so why not stop it from happening in the first place?

The Deduplication Preventive add-on detects duplicates and alerts your users whenever a new you create a new Contact, Account or a Lead is created that may already exist.

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Features and Benefits

1) Prevents duplicate data in real time.

  • When the data is entered eg : name,number,email for either Contacts or Accounts module , the addon will alert you that similar contact/account already exists.

Duplicate Detection

2) More information provided on duplicate contact or account.

  • If duplicate data is found, the user is alerted with the link to existing data. If there is more than one duplicate all the duplicate records are shown.

Duplicate Information

3) Can detect duplicates on similar sound of contact names.

  • It can also detect duplicates where the sound of name in Contacts is similar or spelled differently.
  • Eg : Jiya can also be spelled as Jia and Mukherji can also be spelled as Mukherjee.

Duplicate by Sound

4) Works for different number formats.

  • Numbers in different formats eg1 : 02606612970 or (0260) 6612970 eg2 : 9978167856 or 91-9978167856 or 09978167856 will work when adding numbers.Currently duplicate numbers will be shown on mobile , work and fax fields of Contacts module.Similarly in Accounts module will work for office & fax phone fields.

5) Works for Name , phone numbers and email.

  • Combination of first and last name duplicate entry will be alerted if it already exists.
  • Duplicate numbers are checked on mobile , work and fax fields of Contacts module.Similarly in Accounts module will work for office & fax phone fields.
  • Works for all email addresses but shows alert per email field.

6) Duplicate Prevention criteria to be set from Admin Panel.

  • After installing the addon you will get a deduplication panel.From this link the Administrator can set on what criteria or rules should the module prompt for duplicates.
  • Choices includes name,number & email both for Contacts & Account module.
  • Name for Contacts have option to search for either exactly or similar sound.If similar is selected duplicates will be shown for similar sounds on name.

7) Duplicate record is searched globally notwithstanding the security access level of the user.

  • When a contact is added by a user who do not have access to view that duplicate contact, he will be alerted that similar record already exists.
  • However,when clicking on the link will not be able to access the record.

8) Option to prevent save when duplicate data is detected.

  • Duplicate data can be prevented.Settings to be done from Configuration panel of addon.

9) Works for quickcreate too.

  • Duplicate detection now works for quickcreate icons found on top of PRO edition.
  • Also works for account or contacts creation from subpanels.

10) Works for similar sounds of Contacts.

  • Duplicate detection now works for similar sounds too Eg Geeta sounds similar to Gita.
  • Also works for account or contacts creation from subpanels.


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