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Do you want to benefit from Qlik’s features directly in your CRM? This is now made possible thanks to DataViz for Sugar. You can access it directly in Sugar and benefit from Qlik's analysis and data visualization options without changing tools. A real time saver!

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Save time for your teams

With DataViz for Sugar, you don’t need to switch between different tools anymore. Your teams can access Qlik and Sugar through a unique interface. They can thus benefit from each tool’s power easily and effortlessly, saving them time to analyze and leverage their data.

Manage your business

With the power of Qlik, DataViz for Sugar gives your teams greater visibility into their activities and objectives directly in the CRM. This helps them to manage their time and prioritize their tasks. With this module, managers and executives can drive the company, its departments and its activities with more accuracy.

Ideal customer experience

DataViz for Sugar helps you to get to know your customers and leads better and to anticipate their needs faster by expanding the capabilities of your CRM. Qlik offers many analysis, data visualization and infinite indicator calculation capabilities. All your teams thus have access to new opportunities and information to deliver a customized and seamless customer experience.

Dataviz for Sugar allows you to :

  • embed your Qlik data in your SugarCRM dashboards
  • embed contextualized Qlik data in SugarCRM customer records
  • display Qlik’s datavisualizations in SugarCRM
  • benefit from Qlik’s advanced analytics within SugarCRM


  • complete the customer data already existing in SugarCRM
  • benefit from the power of Qlik from a unique interface
  • avoid the development of complex and expensive interfaces between your systems
  • extend the number of sales opportunities for your sales representatives


  • expand SugarCRM’s core capabilities
  • reinforce your teams’ customer knowledge
  • optimize your employees’ workload

Why should you trust Synolia ?


As the first historical partner to SugarCRM since 2004, Synolia maintains a close and preferred relationship with the software company. They have carried out many complex and diverse projects together and keep on working hand in hand to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. As the first French partner and only Elite partner in France to SugarCRM, Synolia has the largest pool of expertise in the country with more than 20 certified employees.


With more than 15 years of experience in CRM projects, Synolia offers modules that are fully tailored to your needs and easy to use. If needed, Synolia can also assist you with their implementation and management. All you have to do: send an email to Our team will get back to you quickly.

Check out the User Guide for more examples of what you can do with Dataviz for Sugar.

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