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Create a more personal and impactful calendar with ColorCode. Use this add-on to choose from a broader selection of colors to customize your SugarCRM Calendar for added organizing flexibility and personal preference.

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Organization with Colors

SugarCRM calendar lets you create and edit events, associate them with records from your CRM, and even shift them around in a flexible user interface to organize your day to day activities. Sugar even labels different types of events with unique colors to help you differentiate between them.


Doing More with the Calendar

What if you could customize your SugarCRM calendar and take labeling a step further? You may want to highlight certain meetings with specific colors to signify their importance, or simply to distinguish between different parties that you communicate with. This is where ColorCode comes in.


A Palette of Choices

ColorCode offers you a whole new palette of color options that override the default SugarCRM colors, so you can have your own way with color-coding your calendar. There are no restrictions, simply select any event, and override the color code by choosing the color from the palette that you want to mark the event with.
You have a choice of 12 different colors to choose from, covering most of the spectrum, so you are not short of choices.


Installation Guide

Check out the documentation for the guide on how to install and set-up Telephony for your Sugar instance.


ColorCode only requires a one-time payment without the need to renew your license. Check the pricing details for more information.

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