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Set maintenance windows so admins can't make disruptive changes or run performance-draining processes during peak usage times.

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Set helpful maintenance windows and warnings

Upsert® Lockout is a utility that lets you selectively regulate administrators' access to Sugar's admin functions during peak usage times. Administrators can prepare their work in advance and apply any potentially disruptive or performance-draining changes at times of day when users are least likely to be affected.

Some system maintenance tasks will cause Sugar to rebuild files, forcing active users to get logged out and lose their work. CRM is a business-critical application and Upsert Lockout protects your users by ensuring stable performance throughout the workday. System Administrators who are granted access to Lockout can designate standalone or recurring maintenance windows, effectively prohibiting other admins and users with developer-level role privileges from accessing select admin functions during non-maintenance times.

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Key Features

Studio Lockout

Prevent admins from making frivolous, mid-day changes that may frustrate users by causing forced page reloads.

Quickly Find Maintenance Windows

Attempting to access a locked action will show the locked-out admin a list of upcoming access windows so they can schedule their work accordingly.

Prevent Module Installations

Module installations during the day may lead to a broken instance. Limit these installations to after-hours to ensure your team isn't interrupted.

Emergency Bypass

Select administrators will be able to bypass lockouts for emergency situations.

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