Highlevel Overview

Every customer appreciates you calling them back or sending an email to see how they are doing. Not everyone will need the same level of interaction, but you must be ready for any scenario. Having a solution that will remind you when you are due to connect with someone can be a necessary step in closing deals.

The Sugar Stay In Touch add-on by 38 Elements is a complete SugarCRM solution for your company to create and maintain a healthy relationship with customers.

Sugar Stay in Touch Home Dashlets

Feature Highlights

Never wonder again who you need to contact when you come into the office! Business is based on relationships and this add-on provides you with the necessary tools to stay in touch and make better connections with your audience.

  • Unlimited number of Stay in Touch groups
  • Unlimited number of records in groups
  • Advanced contact frequency schedule
  • Supports Sugar 8.x and above
  • Supports On-demand and On-premise Sugar installation

Group different customers together Create an unlimited number of stay in touch groups that you can use to group different types of customers and contacts together. You can think of stay in touch groups as different contact lists that you probably already have in your address book. Things like important, family, business partners, etc.

Stay In Touch in List View

All SugarCRM activity modules are supported You have the option to choose which activity modules will represent a contact with someone. Will that be an outbound call, inbound email, meeting held or combination of all of those. Each group configuration can be flexible and depending on your needs configured differently.

Immediately know when last contact is made and when next one is due Just by looking at a SugarCRM record, you will know when the last interaction was made and when the next one is due. This way you will never lose sight of who you need to connect with and when.

Build SugarCRM reports based on contact frequency information Leverage SugarCRM reporting to build reports based on timing of last interaction. You can also leverage information if you are overdue to connect with someone. Your team can leverage this information and improve success in closing deals.

Stay In Touch on Record View

To learn more about this solution, go to Sugar Stay in Touch or search for "reminder."