Highlevel Overview

Sugar Time Saver by 38 Elements helps SugarCRM users interact with data faster. Create smart action buttons in SugarCRM that will create records for you and pre-populate fields with information so you don’t have to. By eliminating some of the manual data entry and mouse clicking, users are able to achieve more with less time clicking on the screen.

How it Works

Many times users are entering the same or similar data to different records in SugarCRM. With the Sugar Time Saver add-on, they now have the option to create action buttons that would enter data into the CRM with a single click of a button. Action buttons can also be set to pre-populate some of the data and users can fill in the remaining gaps that are specific to that entry.

Sugar Time Saver add-on Contacts module

Sugar Time Saver add-on create sales opportunity

Key Features

Action button can create new record or update existing Users will be able to work faster through Sugar records and spend less time clicking when adding information.

Unlimited number of action buttons Users can have multiple action buttons for Sugar modules to speed up as many actions as they can.

Support for most field types User will have the possibility to pre-populate most of the fields that exist in Sugar.

Multiple options on how to pre-populate value of record field Populate field value with predefined value, calculated value using formula or copy value from related record.

Create action buttons for any module Even if you have custom modules in your Sugar, you will still be able to create action buttons for them.

Sugar Time Saver add-on configuration

To learn more about this solution, go to Sugar Time Saver, or search for "data entry."