Dynamic Reports and Interactive Charts. A powerful tool for report creation and data analytics in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. Includes a variety of chart types, detailed, summary and pivot tables. This Reporting Tool is very user-friendly, no need for technical knowledge or SQL. The Sapiens.BI tool comes with over 100 pre-built reports that are ready to be used on day one.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4005 Cron not working for analytical reporting - Hi, I already have a reporting add-on installed in sugar which i am using and works correctly und shaveekapoor Closed Bug?
#3946 Displaying Report under my reports - Can i display the report under my dashboard Reports? I can copy chart on the homepgae but how can i shaveekapoor Closed Bug?
#3551 CSV Output On Report - Is there a way to do this or a potential new feature? Thanks cb2018 Closed General Question
#3403 Fonts do not download - We have just downloaded the app. Installed plugin in the usual manger, however the fonts never down Paul77 Closed Bug?
#3368 Data Export issue in xls and pdf - Dear IT Sapians Great Team, Hope you will be doing well. I am facing an issue in exporting data. Sohaib Majeed Closed Bug?
#3161 relationship over three tables - i become desparate....the report definition over three tables doesnt work like i want :-(( need ass ht Closed General Question
#3099 Date Created Issue - Hello Team, Great Reporting Plugin, I really enjoyed to have it. I am facing an issue In report Sohaib Majeed Closed Bug?
#3038 "Download fonts for PDF file export" fails - Font downloading failed. Please check module directory write permissions and try again. Image: ht ht Closed Installation
#2865 At least 5 digits in price fields 0.00000 - Please can you set up or if I can do myself to setup at least 5 digits in price fields. I need at l Apostolis Closed Feature
#2780 Migration from one system to another. - Background: I have a "development" suitecrm installation and a "staging" suitecrm installation. dion Closed Installation
#2778 Will not upload properly. - I used the Module Loader. Selected the zip file from my hard drive. Clicked on Upload. The screen dion Closed Installation
#2519 Filters - There is no ignore operator in filter fields. How can i get that? Can you please help me? Sohaib Majeed Closed Feature
#2484 Cannot see a single template - Hey there, Installed everything properly, there was no error. When I click on Analytic Reporti kisan Closed Bug?
#2379 Install Errors - When installing the module I ran into a few issues with the pre_install script: Line 45: 'key' -> ' toddvanbelkum Closed Bug?
#2355 users can see / analyse all data (also out side from other security group) - Hi Outfitter-Team, we using also your SecuritySuite module on the SuiteCRM Version 7.6.5 . Both wor Michael Closed General Question
#2232 Sugar Pro v7 version? - H, when will the Sugar Pro v7 version be available please? Vincent Closed General Question
#2152 Won't Install on SuiteCRM 7.6.1 - Is this compatible with the latest SuiteCRM? I get 17% into install and then log shows: Failed jeffc Closed Bug?
#2066 Licensing - Hi Outfitter-Team, it is possible to install the same (one) licence on the production system and Michael Closed General Question
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