We're not just a SugarCRM Add-On marketplace, we're the discovery service for the full range of Sugar extensions, plug-ins, and integrations. Our goal is to achieve high adoption of your SugarCRM add-ons by SugarCRM customers so that our customers get more value out of their CX investment.

When selling thru SugarOutfitters, No exclusivity required and no cost to get started. If you have an Add-On or integration with Sugar, there is no risk and only rewards to selling on SugarOutfitters. So get started by submitting an Add-On today or contact us with any questions.

What We Do For You

What Makes SugarOutfitters Unique?

And we do this with a personal touch that our customers have grown to love. We are very invested in both your success as well as your customers.

How Do I Start?

What Selling Models Are Supported?

There are a number of complex selling models out there. As much as we want to support them all that's just asking for trouble. So to simplify, yet still provide flexibility, we offer:

What Are The Terms?

We aren't asking for exclusive rights to sell your Add-on. You can still sell your Add-Ons anywhere else you want. We just know that SugarOutfitters will get you access to the largest number of SugarCRM users.

What Payment Options Are Available?

We partner with an industry-leading AP payments processor that supports a variety of payment methods including ACH and international wire transfer. Sellers can manage their payout information securely from a supplier portal. As you begin selling, we will work with you to get payments set up.

Some Helpful Posts for Sellers

Anything Else?

We are committed to helping you be successful on SugarOutfitters. So if you have any additional questions, feedback, or just want to say hello we'd love to hear from you.