Wanted - Survey Module

Survey Module

Posted on September 4th, 2012 @ 7:21 pm by spinegar
Last edited on May 27th, 2014 @ 8:36 am

Survey module that allows users to create surveys and collect responses.

Features that would be great to have:
- Create questions and answers
- Different input types
- Report-able
- Designate correct answers
- Ability to send it out to contacts and/or users

  1. blak3r member avatar


    7 years ago

    I'd like something similar. I'd like a better web to lead form. With more options and ability to create the form with checkbox fields and have it maybe automatically create a custom module inside sugar for the form submission so we could then utilize the responses inside sugar workflows. I think wufoo.com has a great form builder tool.

  2. eitrix member avatar


    7 years ago

    Check out Atcore Surveys module

  3. Clicktools member avatar


    6 years ago

    Take a look at Clicktools - full integration with Sugar and immensely powerful survey, forms and call script app.

  4. bamkingusa member avatar


    4 years ago

    Clicktools solution seems going to cost an arm or leg. I wonder if there is any open source alternative to that? Thanks.

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