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#3518 - Previous Version Still Displaying Over New Install

Closed Bug? created by Levi Scott Verified Purchase 2 years ago


Our company signed up for a free trial of the first version of the app back in July (?) 2016 and the features at the time were not what we needed. We're definitely interested in the newest version and I activated our free trial to give it a go. I made sure I uninstalled the 1.0.0 before installing the new module. I did a Quick Repair and Rebuild of Sugar and when I try and add the Dashlet to the accounts page it is still pulling the old Dashlet called "Fanatically Zen" instead of the new Dashlet that I believe should be called "Zendesk Tickets". When I load the Dashlet called "Fanatically Zen" I just receive and message stating our Free Trial has expired.

Any suggestions?


  1. chad member avatar

    Hello, thanks for giving it another try. My guess is the old license key is still installed in the system.

    To update the license key, go to Sugar > Admin > Zendesk Configuration and follow the steps.

    On step 2 of the configuration it will ask you for a license key, you'll want your new license key which you can find on your orders page here:

    Add the new license key and click "Validate". After doing that be sure to follow the steps on step 3.

    After all of this, when you go back to a Contact and try to add the dashlet you'll find one called "Fanatical Zendesk" that's the one you want to add.

    Let us know if you have any issues with this. We can also schedule a call to go over this if you would prefer. You can pick a day/time here if so:


    • lscott member avatar

      Levi Scott Verified Purchase

      2 years ago

      Thanks Chad! That worked. Now when I try and install the app on the Zendesk side, it's prompting me to load the 2.1.4 and use a different license key. Which after entering, the Sugar side still works and the Zendesk app still just shows instructions on installation.

    • chad member avatar

      Sure thing. Progress!

      Try this:

      1. Go to Zendesk and delete any Sugar app you have installed over there.
      2. Go back to Sugar > Admin > Zendesk Configuration, go to Step 3, be sure your zendesk subdomain is correct and click the "connect to zendesk" image. It may ask you to authenticate on the Zendesk side, but ultimately you should be returned to Sugar.
      3. After returning to Sugar, go back to Zendesk and open a ticket and see if you see Sugar data.

      Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

    • lscott member avatar

      Levi Scott Verified Purchase

      2 years ago

      Perfect. We're up and running! Thanks!

    • chad member avatar

      Excellent! I'll get this case closed out.

      Let me know if you need any other modules or fields displayed on the Zendesk side. Thanks!

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