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#3229 - Urgent: Zendesk Marketplace Error

Closed Bug? created by Melanie Lange 6 years ago

Dear Fanatical Team,

we are having a massive issue with your Zendesk Marketplace App atm. As it has started to install over and over again. This is causing an outage of our Zendesk instance, already informed the Zendesk support to help us finding a quick solution. Uninstalling the App on Sugar did not help so far..

![2017_0728_ZDBUG.png]( "2017_0728_ZDBUG.png")

  1. KylePhillips member avatar

    Melanie Lange

    6 years ago

    Zendesk support helped us to remove the app. I was reinstalled 50+ times, maybe worth checking the root cause, Zendesk support told me, that have not a security mechanism in place, that prevents that an existing app is installed more than one time. For now I have decided to leave it deinstalled over the weekend. I will check on monday again,

  2. KylePhillips member avatar

    Melanie Lange

    6 years ago


  3. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    6 years ago

    Hello, I'm really sorry for the issue! I'm not sure how this could happen, but I'll be in touch with the Zendesk Marketplace team today to get more info and to get this resolved for you.

    Do you have any ideas what would happen on your end to trigger for the app to be reinstalled? Would it automatically keep reinstalling itself? Or would something happen to trigger a reinstall?

    Any extra details you can provide will be really helpful. Thanks and sorry again!

  4. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    6 years ago

    Did you happen to try to install the new app for Zendesk Chat? That's the only thing that has changed recently.

    If you would like, maybe we could be on a screenshare when you try to add the app back on Monday? If so, pick a day and time that works for you here and we can look at it together:

    • KylePhillips member avatar

      Melanie Lange

      6 years ago

      Hi Chad,

      I was able to reproduce the issue today. I tried to activate the opportunity module in the field mapping.

      If you have time now, we could go throught it quickly.


    • chad member avatar

      Chad Hutchins

      6 years ago

      Glad you found the cause! We can definitely work around that and get the opportunities showing and prevent the multi-installs of the Zendesk app.

      Looking forward to the chat on Wednesday!

  5. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    6 years ago

    To followup on this case, Zendesk fixed a bug regarding multiple installs of apps and we adjusted our app so that it can only be installed once and this original issue has now been resolved.

    Jon from Marley Spoon and I were able to get on a call and get the Zendesk app added back. All is working well now.

    @Jon, I will look into the other requests regarding removing some of the displayed fields and display order and will get back with you via email.

    I'm going to close this case out for now. Please let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

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