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#2970 - Sugar Details are not loading into Zendesk App

Closed Bug? created by Dbvisit Software Limited Verified Purchase 7 years ago

Hi There,

I have installed fanatical Zen professional version.When I did the setup first time integration worked fine but now I am not able to see any data pulled from Sugar to Zendesk app.

It's always in loading state.

Thanks, Deepika

  1. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Hi Deepika, thanks for giving it a try, but sorry about the issues.

    Usually the following steps would correct this issue: Go to Sugar > Admin > Zendesk Configuration, on step 3 the "Connect" tab, make sure there is a Zendesk subdomain listed, then click the "Connect to Zendesk" button (even if it says it is already connected). After doing that, go to Zendesk and refresh the page. You should be able to see your data at that point.

    However, I know you have tried that. I also see you have setup a meeting time. I'm looking forward to taking a look at this tomorrow. Talk to you then.


  2. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Hi Deepika, I think I found the cause for the issues you're seeing.

    Can you please download the latest package from your orders page and install it in the module loader? (you do not need to uninstall the one that is there)

    Let me know if that clears things up. Thanks!

  3. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Also... after you install, be sure to go to Sugar > Admin > Zendesk Configuration, go to step 3 "Connect", make sure the Zendesk Subdomain is there click the "Connect to Zendesk" button. Even though it may say "already connected", click the "Connect to Zendesk" button again to make sure there is a good connection to Zendesk.

  4. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Hello, I'm just closing the loop here. We were able to get the issue resolved. There was an issue with the oauth refresh token expiration times that was preventing the integration from being able to talk to Sugar. The latest package resolved the issue.

    I'm closing this case out for now. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

    I'll email about adding the new fields as soon as I get to it. Thanks!

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