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#2849 - install - never passes 80% and entire SugarCRM reports HTTP ERROR 500. Site is down

Closed Installation created by htkim129tp 2 years ago

install - never passes 80% and entire SugarCRM reports HTTP ERROR 500. Site is down.

  1. chad member avatar

    Hello, thanks for giving it a try. Usually when you hit the 80% mark it indicates there is a permission issue on your server where the server could not write to existing files or add new files.

    Can you verify your file permissions are set correctly on the server? Here's a good script for setting your permissions correctly:

    Another thing to check would be your PHP error log and the sugarcrm log file. See if there are any reported errors there.

    Let me know what you find. Thanks!

    • htkim129tp member avatar


      2 years ago

      Chad - thanks, but my entire Sugar is down. I can't even access it anymore. "" any suggestions?

    • chad member avatar

      Oh wow, that's pretty strange for it to take a site completely down like that. I haven't seen that before.

      Are you working with a Sugar Partner or with Sugar directly with the trial? Or did you start it yourself?

      I'm going to make a tweak to the module to see if it makes a difference, but you'll need to either start a new trial or contact Sugar or your Sugar Partner to see if they can give us more information about the error.

      Once that happens, you'll be able to try the new package. Sorry for the issue on this one.

    • htkim129tp member avatar


      2 years ago

      I work with a partner right now and I have another sandbox dev server for our live site that I killed with the module. Then I created a trial version with my personal email and that died as well. Glad that i didn't try on the live server but I want to test as soon as possible. Please let me know when the new package is available. You might also want to try the new package on a fresh new Sugar instance and see if my problem went away? (since I experienced in two instances)

    • chad member avatar

      Sorry again for the issue with this. It looks like this was a specific issue to the latest release of Sugar 7.8. Existing customers continued to work as normal, but new installs (as you saw first hand) will throw an error.

      I've corrected the issue and tested on my dev instance and a fresh trial instance. If you go to your orders page you can get the new release.

      To fix the broken instances, if you unzip the package file, you can manually make the installed files look like copy/modules/FanaticalZendesk/FanaticalZendesk.php and copy/modules/FanaticalZendesk/FanaticalZendesk_sugar.php

      I'm happy to get on a call and help you fix the dev instance if you have access to the codebase. Let me know how you'd like to proceed. Thanks!

  2. htkim129tp member avatar


    2 years ago

    That would be really helpful. Could you call me at 201-325-2637? Thank you.

  3. chad member avatar

    Closing the loop here. This issue was fixed and corrected for the customer. Thanks!

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