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#2545 - Sugar info not visible from Zendesk

Closed Bug? created by Jon Fuller 3 years ago

I installed the SugarCRM integration into Sugar first, and then installed the Zendesk App. I can successfully see Zendesk tickets from within Sugar. Now I only see the "NEXT STEP: Now you need to download and install the SugarCRM module so you can connect your Zendesk account to your Sugar account." message in Zendesk.

How can I enable the Zendesk side of the integration?

  1. chad member avatar

    Hello, thanks for giving it a try!

    Have you gone through the setup steps on the Sugar side of the integration? This is what allows Zendesk to pull the Sugar data. Here are the steps to set that up: (step 3 is the important one)

    Let me know if that works for you.

    • jonf member avatar

      Jon Fuller

      3 years ago

      My colleague Iris did that side of things, so I believe the answer is yet. If the Zendesk tickets are visible in Sugar then presumably this step succeeded?

    • chad member avatar

      It depends. The setup steps in Sugar setup the Sugar side AND the Zendesk side.

      So if you can see Zendesk Tickets in Sugar, that's great. But if you still cannot see the Sugar data in Zendesk, then something still isn't working.

      Are you able to see Sugar data in Zendesk yet?

    • jonf member avatar

      Jon Fuller

      3 years ago

      Still no luck seeing Sugar info in Zendesk, same issue as previously described.

    • chad member avatar

      Got it, thanks for confirming that. A couple more things to check:

      1) Did you start a trial for the Sugar-side of the integration here: If so, can you provide me an order number so I can verify the license on my side?

      2) What version of the integration is showing for the Zendesk Integration in the module loader?

    • jonf member avatar

      Jon Fuller

      3 years ago

      2) In Zendesk: "Version 1.2 - Last updated 58 days ago"

  2. IrisAdae member avatar

    Iris Adä

    3 years ago

    1. this was done by our sugar provider, I will check with them

    2. it is 1.0.3g

  3. chad member avatar

    Perfect, thanks. I think at this point the best thing we can do is setup a time to have a screenshare so I can take a look at what exactly is going on.

    I'm going to send you an email now and we can coordinate time for the screenshare. Thanks!

  4. chad member avatar

    I'm going to close this case out. We were able to discuss the issue over a screenshare.

    If you need anything else, as always, let us know. Thanks!

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