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#2544 - Setting up Sugar

Closed Installation created by Iris Adä 3 years ago

I installed the SugarCRM integration into Sugar first, and then installed the Zendesk App. I can successfully see Zendesk tickets from within Sugar. Now I only see the "NEXT STEP: Now you need to download and install the SugarCRM module so you can connect your Zendesk account to your Sugar account." message in Zendesk.

How can I enable the Zendesk side of the integration?

  1. chad member avatar

    Hello, thanks for giving it a try!

    Have you gone through the setup steps on the Sugar side of the integration? This is what allows Zendesk to pull the Sugar data. Here are the steps to set that up: (step 3 is the important one)

    Let me know if that works for you.

  2. IrisAdae member avatar

    Iris Adä

    3 years ago

    Hi sorry for opening two ticket this one is the duplicate of #2545 - Sugar info not visible from Zendesk

    You can close this one.

  3. chad member avatar

    Ah, no worries. Closing this case down as duplicate.

    Here's the new case:

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