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#2504 - Installation on SugarOnDemand

Closed Bug? created by operations 7 years ago

after uploading module, install freezes at 80%

  1. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Hello, sorry for the issue, but thanks for reaching out. I can help with this.

    We've seen this before and it ended up being unrelated to our installable package.

    Can you check your SugarCRM log to see if there are any errors there? We've found that when a package stops installing at 80% there is usually an error with the Elasticsearch indexes.

    Here's a SugarCRM support post about the issue:

    And here's another customer of ours who had the same issue:

    Let me know what you find. Once you get that issue resolved you should be able to reinstall the module without issue.

    If none of this helps, let us know and I'll help out more. Thanks!

  2. operations member avatar


    7 years ago

    I saw elasticsearch issues...let me reference the mentioned links

  3. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Hello, just wanted to check-in. Were you able to work around the elasticsearch issues? Did that solve the installation issue?

    • operations member avatar


      7 years ago

      all is good

    • chad member avatar

      Chad Hutchins

      7 years ago

      Good to hear! Thank you for confirming. I'm going to close out this case.

      Let us know if you need anything else. Have a good one!

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