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Need a landing page for your next campaign? A way for your customers to create support cases? Do your sales reps need a way to enter leads? With WebToModule you can create custom webforms for these any many other uses. Supports all modules, including custom modules.

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#4568 - Upload multiple files

Closed General Question created by Sugabyte a year ago

Hi, does this support th latest version of Sugar (11.1)? Also, can the form support multiple file attachments? If so, where are these attachments stored in Sugar?

Thanks, James

  1. urdhvatech member avatar

    urdhvatech Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hello James,

    Thanks for showing interest in our add-on. It should work well with SugarCRM11.1. If you will come across any issue then we are just an email away. Right now, WebToModule allows single file as attachment. If you want then we will customizations for you. These attachments are stores in the Notes module. You can also connect with us on Skype. Our Skype id: urdhvatech

    Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

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