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#3810 - Some Improvements to the Hook.... -- and a question

Closed Feature created by Symphony 4 years ago

Hi, we installed the add-on and then made 2 amendments after some evaluation to do the following.... 1. An amendment to prevent the logged in user from getting a notification about a chat message they are creating. -we figure they already know about the message they are typing :) 2. We wanted users to be notified if someone replied to the thread. - it didn't seem to do this "off the shelf"

The file that includes these amendments is heree please feel free to download\comment review or use... be advised this is our first attempt to do this sort of thing, so it could well be klugey rather than clever ...

One further area that we would ideally like to correct... If someone replies to a chat and @mentions a new user - not "@mentioned" in the original chat. - the process does not notify this new user.

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on how that could be made to work, we have some ideas but

We are trying to solve the situation where Tom asks Fred a question, and Fred's reply is "Ido not know why don't you ask @Mary - When Fred makes his reply, we want both Tom and Mary to get a notification.

  1. kgm member avatar

    kgm Provider

    4 years ago

    Hi Symphony

    Thanks so much for your feedback. We´ve just now released version 3 that incorporates the following changes based upon your feedback:

    • The author of a message does not get notifications for own messages (i.e. he mentions himself)
    • All linked users in comments also get notified (not just the first linked user)
    • All participants the thread (activity/comment) will be notified when third party replies to the thread without specifically mentioning them
    • The content of the notification is the activity or the latest comment (if one exists)
    • Notification type has been set to "Info" (type is a required field now)

    Hope you enjoy the updated version :) KGM

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