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Recovering deleted data from CRM is now possible in the simplest manner with Trash Bin for SugarCRM. It can restore data from different modules that you or users delete from the system. Users can retrieve deleted data, easily from the Trash Bin for SugarCRM. It works for built-in as well as custom modules in SugarCRM.

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#4328 - Upgrade to 9.3 previews new preview and edit in a panel feature. See support ticket from SugarCRM below.

Closed Bug? created by mikep443 Verified Purchase 2 years ago

Per SugarCRM notes...

The problem is in this file.


With this file in place, the pencil to edit in preview is missing. If I rename this file to record.php.bak and perform a Quick Repair and Rebuild, the pencil appears after a page refresh. The screencast below shows this broken in a clone of your instance. I then rename that file to *.bak, perform a Quick Repair, then refresh the page. I can then edit via the subpanel Preview across all modules. Then I put the file back, Quick Repair, and it breaks the functionality again.

You have the option to either fix or remove this file. A quick search in upload returned one file that matched the file path for this file: SugarCRM-9_TrashBinv1.0.1 (1).zip

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    AppJetty Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    We appreciate your patience while we are evaluating your concern.

    We will soon update you over your email with the solution.

    Hope this helps. Let us know in case of any concerns.

    Best Regards, AppJetty.

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