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#1126 - Does not work properly

Closed Bug? created by norbertgroene 7 years ago


unfortunately, this plugin does not work properly .

Everytime, when a template is changed, the merge looses fields, that worked properly before the change of the template. In all cases, the spell check was disabled on all fields after the changes, although I don't understand, why the spell check enables again on a field, when a new line was inserted. And I also don't understand, why the new inserted field is merging correctly, but the field just in the line below isn't merging then, which is the problem, that comes up in most cases. Seems, that inserting a new line is causing problems with this plugin.

This bad results occured with Word 2010 and 2013.

Right now, preparing templates for this plugin is painfull and time consuming and it seems, that it is impossible to control the behaviour of the field merge. That's a very poor experience !

Can you provide any additional feature or hidden information, that allows to get control over the whole merging ? Also a list of all features, that should be disabled in Word completely to makes this plugin work without problems could be a help, or a list of Word versions, that work, in fact just anything, the lets the frustration disappear ?

Best regards, Norbert

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago


    I will try to guide through a few tips, but in the end making a compatible template is not an easy job. This is mainly because the module requires "clean" Microsoft documents to be able to parse them properly. As you can imagine, nowadays "clean" documents are quite hard to do because there is a lot of "helpers" that are automatically implemented with your Microsoft Office applications.

    Here are a few pointers which should help: * Disable spell checker : * When doing copy/paste make sure to use the "special" paste function and select "paste as non formatted text" * Limit the copy/paste, word and other applications will automatically try to interpret some values (Ex : at beginning of a phrase - capital letter) * Disable revisions and comments

    You can also find some informations about file formatting in the demo template "variable extractor" available with the module's user guide or at this URL :

    Best regards, Synolia Support

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