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Create personalized MS Office or Open Office letters and documents from any Sugar module with one click. Define and create templates for any module and generate Office documents on any record and its related records. Great for mail merges and more!

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4380 Automatically created documents when user generate it - Is it possible to automatically create SugarCRM documents when user generate document(download it) i ivica Open General Question
#4337 Missing documentation - Hello, there is a link for different documentation under the Docs section. Clicking on "Engl petrlouzecky Open General Question
#4220 Does this work with documents with multiple pages? - Your document notes that the plugin should work on docx and pptx, but I'm having trouble getting you shaveekapoor Open General Question
#4155 Does it generate PDF - Hi, Interesting product, hope you don't mind answering some questions for me: 1. Can this output Vincent Open Feature
#3816 "Relationships to generate" list empty - After installing the Sugar8 version of the AddOn there is an issue with the Meeting template documen petrlouzecky Open Bug?
#3775 Generate date in US format but all is configured in EU format in SugarCRM - This "bug" appear when we update in SugarCRM 8. Thanks mstenger Closed Bug?
#3743 Work On Sugar 8.0? - Is your product compatible with Sugar 8.0? djohnson Closed General Question
#3638 Documents available over REST api? - Can we use this to generate documents over REST api? A client would like to allow portal users to c adrian Open Feature
#3465 Causes health check to fail under - ~~~ [2017-12-09T10:18:19-05:00] INFO => F: [Issue 150][red][logicHookAfterUIFrame][520][Logic h adrian Open Bug?
#3441 Add Image to the document - Is it possible to add dynamic image to the generated document if we do have the url for the image? alekt Open General Question
#3289 Unable to retrieve fields for some Modules... - The extract_vars template seems to work fine for all our Modules. For some Modules, I can embed the JonathanGroves Closed Bug?
#3159 PHP Fatal error when generating Doc - Hello, we are getting following error when trying to generate document from template in any modul danieljestrab Closed Bug?
#2964 SugarCRM / Suite CRM - Hi there, SugarCRM being not supported we have decided to move to Suite CRM. Your module is not s Alex Closed Bug?
#2958 Moving from SugarCRM CE to SuiteCRM - Hi there, I am planning to move from Sugar to SuiteCRM. Could you please confirm the comptatibility Alex Closed Bug?
#2945 SynoGenerate Doc / fichier Image - Bonjour, Suite à notre conversation téléphonique, pourriez-vous svp me faire Alex Closed Feature
#2932 SugarCRM CE 6.5.15 - Hi, I cannot see the option to generate a doc - having exported link from CRM to word - crea Alex Closed Bug?
#2888 Template for module is blank after save - Hello, when I am creating document, chose module in "template for module" and click save, marcel.horak Closed Bug?
#2881 Generate Doc and Email Doc buttons missing - Hello. We commented this logic hook in custom/Extension/application/Ext/LogicHooks/SUGAR_SYNOGENERAT marcel.horak Closed Bug?
#2693 Issue at upgrading from Sugar Enterprise version to (Found "echo" in...) - Hello, we just wanted to upgrade from main Sugar version (Enterprise - self hosted) to sugarproc Closed Bug?
#2536 Syno Generate Template - Hi i need to know how to access my application field names so that i can properly tag my template do chanelreb Closed General Question
#2426 Doesn't work with SuiteCRM 7.1 - When attempting to upload it says The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of SuiteCRM: dgreene Closed Installation
#1956 Template not generating fields - I'm having issues generating documents. seems to be only taking [] field and not taking FlashGordon14 Closed General Question
#1892 Data not displaying in word doc - Hi, using SugarCRM 6.5.18, CE. Have SynoGenerateDoc installed and working correctly. Have populate Meath County Council Closed General Question
#1847 Cannot install Module - Hello, I am evaluating this module, but Sugar does not allow me to install. I get an error messag sulejman Closed Installation
#1744 Generates corrupt doc - I've added a LibreOffice doc to Documents. Assigned it to Contacts. Selected Contact, Clicked Gener pvzijl Closed Bug?
#1437 Upgrade to Sugar 7.6 - Hello, we are seeing the following error in during the upgrade of our Sugar instance to 7.6 "Fo petrlouzecky Closed Installation
#1342 Special Upgrade Instructions? - Are there any special steps needed to upgrade the plugin during a v6->v7 Sugar upgrade? Is it as tommyspam Closed General Question
#1324 Status of document is not respected - Hi, the status of the documents is not respected, when creating the list of available documents i norbertgroene Closed Feature
#1126 Does not work properly - Hi, unfortunately, this plugin does not work properly . Everytime, when a template is changed, norbertgroene Closed Bug?
#838 Mail Merge does not work properly - Some standard fields such as First name, Full name or Street cannot be merged into the word document conradherklotz Closed General Question
#807 package cannot be installed on SugarCloud instance? - Hello, Trying to install the module on SugarCloud but fails on cloud-policies. I did not catch th Reinier Closed Installation
#804 error-message on activated module for SynoGenerateDoc - I've installed the module in a Sugar 7.2.2 instance. Did a Build en Repair for good measure. Next, Reinier Closed Installation
#791 Template with Vars from multiple modules - I have created a letter in template format but I need to bring in information from contacts, quotes richard Closed General Question
#789 Installation failed, invalid usage of many functions. - We are trying to install this module on a hosted (Open Cloud) SugarCRM Professional Version bartgrol Closed General Question
#735 not merging properly - I installed the module today. I use Word 2013. Using your values template I can see the module name mp Closed Bug?
#731 " many to one " relationchip problem - Hi. I have created the custom module hobby which has an manytoone relationship to contacts. So o lehnerr Closed Bug?
#586 Support for Custom Modules as well? - Hello, Does SynoGenerateDoc also support the use of custom-modules? Either as the primary module Reinier Closed General Question
#391 Documents corrupted - just upgraded to the latest version and now all mail merge documents are corrupted and can not be op dgreene Closed Bug?
#99 Error Messages on opening document - The mail merge seems to work fine, but when you go to open the document in MSWord it tells you that dgreene Closed Bug?

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