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#1869 - List View Dashlet Filters

Closed Bug? created by DougMcC 6 years ago

I just discovered the disappointment of the Dashboard Deployer when it comes to the List View Dashlet. The Dashlet publishes, but the filters do not.

In case #859 - a year old issue - it indicated your intent to fix this. Has it been fixed? Will it? If so, when?

The lack of a filter makes the Template Deployer for the List View nearly useless.



  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Hello Doug,

    Since the release of the version compatible with 7.5.X (around 1 year ago) we have started storing filters in the dashboard templates. Once you deploy a dashboard now, all of its filters are reproduced identical with the original and deployed for the targeted users.

    However, there are 2 things to take into account when using the filters on list view type dashlets: 1. Team and role security still applies, so the data of the dashlets may be different from one user to another 2. ONLY the filters actually used in "List View" type dashlets are stored and deployed with the template. I know that the filters available in list views can be used in filtering the dashlet views, but our module is not a filter duplicator. As such only the filter selected at the moment of the template generation will be stored and redeployed.

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards, Synolia Support

  2. ktomkosk member avatar

    ktomkosk Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    I have updated our plugin to the latest version but we are still seeing the issue of filters not being applied. We create the dashboard with list views and add filters to the list views. After the dashboard is completed, it is deployed to other users. When you login as one of the users the filters on the dashboard don't appear automatically. The user must clear their cache for them to appear. Do you have a resolution for this?

    • synolia member avatar

      synolia Provider Affiliate

      6 years ago

      Hello ktomkosk,

      This is a limitation of Sugar's new interface. Using a full JS interface with RESTfull API calls for the data, Sugar MUST use a JS cache otherwise the loading times are too great.

      To anwser your question, unfortunatelly, there isn't a solution to this situation, and there probably won't be until Sugar gives us the possibility to regenerate JS user cache.

      Best regards, Synolia Support

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