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#1223 - Documentation on new version

Closed General Question created by norbertgroene Verified Purchase 7 years ago


yesterday I've installed the new version on With this new version, 4 modules are automatically set in the list of available modules with all rights to every user. As there is no hint in the documentation how to setup the settings, I've removed them from the list of visible modules, so now there is only access from the Admin panel again.

Could you give any information how the setting regarding these modules should be ? Is it correct to simply remove them from the list of visible modules ?

Please advice and could you extend your documentation ? Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Norbert

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago


    This is a good question and I'll try to explain how it works.

    Removing them from the list of visible modules it is enough to make them unavailable in the tabs. This is a bug that will be corrected in the next update of the module.

    Indeed there are 4 modules that are installed with the package. Of the 4 module only the DashboardTemplates is accessible. All of the others have their views "blocked" making the virtually "system" modules. The module that is still accessible, DashboardTemplates, has been hard coded with admin only rights so that only the administrators will have access to the module. This way we try to prevent the access of normal users, by way of source code, to a powerful tools that is able to change all dashboard on any users, administrators included.

    In conclusion, ACL is normally not necessary or useful in any way as all the available rights have been coded into the module and cannot be changed without altering the source code of the module.

    Best regards, Synolia Support

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