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Create standardized dashboards for your users. No more having confused users missing out on what they could be doing with Sugar. This add-on gives Sugar administrators the ability to easily and quickly deploy dashboard templates to one or multiple users.

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#1051 - Not compatible for

Closed Installation created by datasync Verified Purchase 7 years ago

Hello- we purchased the Dashboard Deployer order #3878 on 12.19. When we tried to install this today- it states that it's not compatible with How can we get the latest version to install?

  1. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    Hello Vetmike, Can you check the file you downloaded on Sugaroutfitters? The name should be something like it should match 7.5.0.* and 7.2.2.* it is dated from december 24th. If you have the file it might explain your troubles. Thanks.

  2. vetmike member avatar

    datasync Verified Purchase

    7 years ago

    The updated file worked! Thanks!

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  • "This module is a lifesaver. 25 staff all needing the same styles would have been a nightmare to do individually.You only need to create the dashboards on one and then push them out."

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