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#3150 - Field Render Failed Error

Closed Bug? created by gvotkin 5 years ago

Just loaded the module. Tried to load as per video and received this error during "Create" checklist. Field Render Failed Unable to render the supported_modules field.Please contact technical support.

  1. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Thank you for purchasing our module. For us to be able to assist you, can you please let us know following:

    1. Sugar Flavor (PRO,ENT,etc.) ?
    2. Sugar Version ?
    3. What other modules you have installed ?
    4. Ondemand or on-premise hosting ?

    Thank you!

    • gvotkin member avatar


      5 years ago

      SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 1070) On Demand

      Martech_Vertical Uninstall Disable module 1318874413 01/07/2013 11:58am

      MPLN_Actuals Uninstall Disable module 1367820837 05/05/2013 11:16pm Support capturing actuals against Accounts and Territory Plans

      MPLN_Questions Uninstall Disable module 1360723046 02/12/2013 06:40pm Support the capture of key questions related to a PPM.

      Discipline_Share_Potential Uninstall Disable module 1411655326 09/25/2014 07:28am This is package for the discipline share potential

      Bug_Fixes_57983 module Bug_Fixes_57983 11/02/2012 03:16am Bug fixes 57983

      Martech_Meetings Uninstall Disable module 1359963117 02/03/2013 11:31pm Provide Buying Influencer Module for Opp and Meetings

      MPLN_Actions Uninstall Disable module 1362121268 02/03/2013 09:01pm Provide Action module for Opportunities & Accounts

      Bug 56732 653-655 (ALL) module 1348845697 10/07/2012 11:21am HotFix: Invalid Mail Server Credentials Causes System to DoS Itself Product_Share_Potential Uninstall Disable module 1412845085 10/09/2014 01:58am This is the package for the Product Share Potential

      MPLN_Competitor Uninstall Disable module 1364259033 03/25/2013 05:53pm Support multiple competitors related to an opportunity.

      SweetChecklists Uninstall Disable module 1.0.1 06/13/2017 04:37pm Create a checklist for any module, and populate them using the SweetChecklists dashlet

      ManufacturerPlan Uninstall Disable module 1355778072 01/07/2013 11:18am Modules to support the processes that tie Manufacturer Plans to Territory Plan to Sales Planning & Activity

      Dashboard Manager Uninstall Disable module 1.6 06/13/2017 04:32pm Dashboard Manager: Supported on 6.5.x and 6.6.x

      Bug 56723 655 (ALL) module 1349109403 10/08/2012 04:40am HotFix: Millions of log messages when importing

      OppTerritoryTarget Uninstall Disable module 1410954635 09/17/2014 04:50am This is a subpanel under Opportuniy Territory T

    • eontek member avatar

      38 Elements Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      Thank you,

      our support team is looking into installing module on that particular version for verification.

  2. eontek member avatar

    38 Elements Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    The issue is now fixed. Please uninstall the old module and download and install new one (version 1.0.2).

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